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The range of articles produced at Tarnaveni and Baia Mare for export uses addresses preponderantly to the EU market especially Germany and Holland (over 90%) as well as Belgium, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and also Check Republic and Hungary.
The distributors of SC.”VITRON”.SRL’s products are custom companies as: LIMBURG (Holland), D.S.T.(Germany), etc. on contract basis and periodical article requests. This way the EU companies do the marketing, but “VITRON” also participates at companies fairs and traditional activities.- The “AMBIENTE” Fair from Frankfurt- that impose new trends for the upcoming period.
Through the years of its activity SC”VITRON”.SRL permanently had contracts on the level of production and request over it’s production possibilities, due to the above mentioned facts. Unfortunately, its insufficient technical solutions that would involve investments in ultramodern utilities generally very expansive, and the Romanian banking and financing system did not permit the development in the desired rhythm.